Nancy Tower has been married to Ron Tower for more than 30 years with two daughters, one step-son and six grandchildren. Retired from a global energy and chemicals company, she is a member of Longville Baptist Church in Longville, Louisiana.

Nancy Tower is the Author of the "Government by God's Design" training program. She believes that government has an important role to play in our lives and the bible defines it.

​​Nancy says: "I love politics, but not what politics has become.

I love the people who seek elected office because they are usually seeking to serve, but once elected that purpose often seems to be lost or confused.

HOW can I help? God can use anyone who is willing. He doesn't ask us to be able - just available, and He will take care of the rest.

There is great material available, we just need to share it.

So, I've teamed up with Concerned Women for America and a group of very smart pastors and authors, who have helped to create the "Government by God's Design" training.

My prayer is that it is instructive, insightful, fun and bathed in the Spirit.

If you'd like to be part of the effort, send Nancy an email. The materials are free as long as it's delivered as a non-profit event.

Government by God's Design Bible Study

About the author

updated: August 22, 2018

  • BS, Mass Communications, McNeese State University
  • Thirty years of Public Affairs Experience
  • Ten years of Industrial Leadership Training Experience
  • Unsuccessful candidate for La State Senate in '96 (failure is a fabulous teacher)
  • Five years in elected office (Sulphur City Council)
  • Prayer Action Team leader or CWA
  • Board Member Louisiana Public Affairs Research Council & Louisiana Foundation for Excellence in Science, Technology and Education
  • Facilitator for Vision Sulphur - a Community Collaborative
  • Community Volunteer - numerous boards and executive leadership positions
  • Speaker on topics such as:
    • Your candidacy - costs and concerns
    • Original Intent from a legislative perspective
    • Political platforms - what's that?
  • Kitchen cabinet for numerous candidates