Government by God's Design Bible Study

Research and Interviews guided by prayer

updated: August 22, 2018

In addition to Bible study and other research on the topic, I've met with a number of elected officials who openly expressed their Christianity. These interviews have helped define the direction of this effort. I've captured some of those notes from the interviews on my blog at

Throughout this process, God has opened doors that I could have never imagined. I've worked with authors, Congressmen, professors and Christian Leaders across this nation who are aligned with this effort. In my business and political life, contacts like this never happened so effortlessly. What a joy it is to talk with people who share similar stirring in their spirits - it's clearly the Holy Spirit bringing us together and I get to play a small part in watching it all come together.

Most of the interviews are free flowing, however, I'm also asking people to complete a written survey. If you are an elected official and would be willing to complete a survey, or if you would like to forward a survey to someone, please clickhere for a copy.

Some of the additional interview questions include:
1) Give me an example of an issue that came before you were you struggled with the WWJD question? Were you able to resolve it and if so, how?
2) Tell me about your interactions with other elected officials who claim Christianity. How is the relationship, how do you handle disagreements, to what extent is your Christian fellowship affected?
3) As you seek office and as you publically serve, how boldly do you proclaim the Truth/your Christianity?
4) What is your understanding of God's role in politics?

A diverse group of pastors from various Christian denominations have review the materials used in this workshop. A steering committee of these men and women has prayerfully consider the information, identify any needed changes and helped to create the first workshop.

My mentor through this learning process has been Dr. Max Lyons, Christian author and Director of Teaching Services at the Foundation for American Christian Education. He spent many hours in phone calls and edits to teach me, encourage me and pray for the project.

This Bible study is a project of Concerned Women for America of Louisiana because the state director, Sancha Smith, has given her support and prayer to the effort. She secured a CWA national review of the information and has served as an outstanding presenter of the information. It is a joy to work with Sancha and her team.